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Alfredo Bonanno
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On Saturday, 9th May, at around 3 p.m. a demonstration organized by Rozbrat Collective took place, it started in front of the Opera House. Around 1,000-1,500 took part in it. The participants of the demonstration were also people from different organizations and groups such as Anarchist Federation, members of different groups of protests from Poznan neighborhoods, including those protesting against the F-16 airport, anti-eviction organizations, alternative theaters' members, trade unionists from different unions, representatives of the Berlin autonomous communities, squatters from different cities in Poland and abroad and loads of other supporters of Rozbrat from Poznan, Poland and abroad.

During the rally in front of the Opera house many sympathizers of Rozbrat made speeches talking about the necessity of having such place as Rozbrat in Poznan, about its value in the cultural, social and political meaning. They also emphasized that the protest was not only in defense of Rozbrat, but also against the arrogant and ignorant city politics considering the public space and housing issues. Every speech was met with huge applause and people shouting “Rozbrat Stays!”.

After about 20 minutes, the demonstration under the main banner saying “Let's reclaim the city – against the privatization of the public space – in defense of Rozbrat” started its way through Poznan city centre. People shouted slogans “Hands off Rozbrat!”, “Solidarity is our weapon”, “City not for the investors”, “Stop privatization of the public space”, “Capitalism – cannibalism”. On its route it met different surprises – a huge graffiti on the top of one houses in the centre saying “City is not a company”. On of the crossings masked up activists dropped a 12-meter-long banner saying “Rozbrat stays”.

The demonstration had a rally in front of the biggest shopping centre in Poznan, which is owned by one of the richest people in Poland. One of the participants of the demo made a speech about the still unclear story how the ground for the shopping all was sold to that man by the city authorities, people gathered were shouting slogans that both the businessman and the city president are in mafia. During that rally, the demonstration was met with a huge applaud from the people living in the street neighboring the shopping mall, one man selling flowers in front of the mall gave out all bunches of lilies of the valley he had to the participants of the demo. Few other speeches were about about the cultural role of Rozbrat, emphasizing that Rozbrat people never took any money from the city council, others spoke about the anti-social politics of the city. Also one of the organizers of the Poznan gay pride expressed their gratefulness to the Rozbrat activists for constant support of the pride and announced that if we're getting evicted they will physically come and defend the squat with us.

When the demonstration moved forward a rain of Rozbrat leaflets fell on the protesters from one the windows of one house, some people also threw flowers from their windows. At that point some of the passers by joined the demo and there were almost 2,000 of us.

The demonstration entered the Old Square Market with samba drummers in the front making a loud welcome. Another rally took place, different activists made speeches, including anarchists from Warsaw involved in organizing poor neighborhoods, also anarchists who squatted Rozbrat 15 years ago. They emphasized that creating alternative social centres is important for building the social resistance from below.

Then,the demonstration entered Zydowska street which was not included in the official route of the demo. The cops walking next to the demo were pushed aside with shields. Then everyone stopped in front of the building which was squatted and evicted in January ( A ladder was put against the wall and few masked up people went into the building. They dropped a banner saying “A House taken away from people is still empty”, fired flares fro the windows. The crowd shouted “Empty spaces in the hands of imagination”, “Down with authority”, “Stop evictions”, during the speeches, one of the squatters announced that if the president of Poznan keeps on evicting people from their houses, we will squat his house, because we know his address very well. The action was supposed to show that if Rozbrat is evicted, the anarchists will not accept the situation passively.

The demo turned into a street party. People living in the houses nearby joined the demonstration. After around half an hour the demo moved forward, leaving the banner and a red and black flag on the building.

The participants then shouted “If city attacks Rozbrat we will squat the presidents' house”, “Wait for us!”. On the last stop we reminded about the support from the Food not Bombs group. On of the people involved in organizing action days in June in Berlin made an invitation speech for the action days (6/06-21/06).

Rozbrat Collective would like to thank everyone for support and solidarity for us. Your amazing presence, energy and active participation showed us we are not alone in our struggle for Rozbrat and for social resistance. Thanks to you we were able to reclaim the city at least for few hours!

Big big thanks to all of you who couldn't come and organized solidarity actions for us locally – Reykjavik, Thessaloniki, New York, Oslo, the Hague, Budapest, Bucarest... who knows where else!

Solidarity is our weapon!


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Rozbrat squat
Pułaskiego Street 21a, Poznan, Poland see the map

Post send:

P.O. Box 5, 60 - 966 Poznan 31, Poland

Phone during the opening hours of the Anarchist library: (+48) 061 8484672

If you want:

- ask about Anarchist Federation, organize at Rozbrat a cultural orpolitical meeting, discussion, film screening etc.: write to [email protected]
- visit us: write to [email protected]
- play a gig: write to [email protected]

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The Anarchist Review, no.9/2009

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The Anarchist Review, no.9/2009

The magazine is published twice a year to present articles from the field of radical social critique and practice of alternative political concepts from Poland and abroad. The Editorial collective is part of the anarchist movement in Poznan, Poland; who are also engaged in other projects such as the Bractwo...


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