Legal info for the demonstration


OUR PHONE NUMBER: +48 506 679 778

There is a legal team at this demonstration. If you face ANY troubles from the cops, do not hestitate to call us, we speak English.

BUT if you get detained please TEXT US WITH YOUR NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, THE CITY AND THE COUNTRY YOU COME FROM. If you cannot, then call us, but there is often a possibilty to use your mobile phone before the cops tell you to switch it off.

And before you call us, know some basic rules about demonstrations in Poland.

Never go alone to a demonstration, it would be the best for you if you go there with your affinity group. Take a passport/ID with you. Do not drink alcohol before and during the demo. In Poland it is NOT ILLEGAL to be masked at the demonstration, so it is your choice if you want to do that or not. This demonstration is legal and police should not want to ID you in theory, if they do, be sure to have someone who speaks Polish with you and demand the cops to show you their service numbers. If you are arrested TEXT or (if you can't) CALL THE LEGAL TEAM, we have hired a lawyer to help anyone who is arrested - you have the right to make one phonecall to your lawyer or family, tell them you want to call your lawyer and simply call us. NEVER give any statements to the cops. The only things they can take from you are the ID data, which is your name, address, date of birth, parents' given names etc. DO NOT TALK to them about ANYTHING, even about the weather. You have the right to remain silent. Sometimes they use a tricky method and tell you that you are being interrogated as a witness - then in theory you cannot deny answering questions, but you can try to omit it telling you don't know anything, didn't see anything etc. NEVER SIGN ANYTHING the cops give you, you have the right to do that!

It always depends on the charges how long they want to keep you locked. Most usually they will interrogate you and let you out after few hours. If you face heavier charges you can stay in up to 48 hours and face the so-called 24-hour court, where you get a sentence immediately, but that doesn't mean you remain arrested. If that happens, be sure you call us and we will get a lawyer for you and will do anything we can to get you out as soon as possible.

If you don't get arrested and anyone else does, be sure to attend the solidarity demonstration in front of the cop station, we should all be there and support the people detained!